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Mixology Master

A bartender training game.
Unity 5
Team Size:
Development Time:
3 Months
(January 2015 - April 2015)
My Role:
Designer / Producer

Mixology Master is a mobile game designed to help people learn and practice mixed-drink recipes. The game features a practice mode for learning specific drinks as well as a career mode in which players serve customers and try to earn tips to improve their bar. Both modes use a unique tilt-to-pour mechanic where the player tilts the phone to pour beverages. The game also contains an in-game recipe book that can be referenced from practice mode.


I conceptualized Mixology Master for a class at FIEA because I thought it would be cool to gamify training in the restaurant business. Working for a restaurant in the past, I remember the training videos to be uninteresting and tedious. This project was an attempt to give bartenders and restaurant employees a new and interesting way to learn recipes and practice their skills.


What I did:

- Conceptualized and designed a tilt-to-pour drink mixer mechanic for mobile devices and worked with an engineer for implementation

- Managed art assets, styled menu layouts, and developed the user experience

- Worked with an artist to help create interface buttons and iconography using Adobe Photoshop

- Researched and documented optimal drink recipes utilizing a variety of ingredients

- Helped manage team and headed status update presentations

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