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A first person arena shooter with elemental powers. FIEA Capstone 2015.
Unreal Engine 4
Team Size:
Development Time:
January 2015 - July 2015
My Role:
Lead Designer

Totem is one of five capstone projects produced at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in 2015. It is a first person arena shooter where shaman battle with elemental powers. Players fight in a 3v3 setting and try to destroy each other's totem by first unlocking mystical shrines. Players can alter the environment using their abilities and change the level in real time to create new and emergent strategies.  

As the Lead Designer on Totem, I had the privilege of leading the creative process and was responsible for the overall vision of the game.


What I did:

- Balanced features around a real-time terrain deformation ability and its respective challenges

- Constructed graphic design documents to help artists visualize character skills and personalities

- Facilitated brainstorming sessions and analyzed playtest data to drive game iterations

- Designed shaman abilities based off of earth, wind, and fire elements

- Rigged and animated the totem model in Autodesk Maya

- Engineered, edited, and implemented audio effects in Adobe Audition

- Crafted, edited, and managed design documentation in Jira/Confluence

- Designed the level and worked with artists to push the visual style

- Created user interface buttons and feedback iconography and worked with artists to polish them

Totem Trailer 2015

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