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Dungeon Boss


Dungeon Boss is a free to play Mobile RPG developed by Boss Fight Entertainment. The player collects Heroes and progresses them to advance in the campaign by defeating dungeons, or climb the leader-boards in asynchronous turn-based strategy PvP. Special events occur weekly where players can acquire rare heroes, experience new content, and compete in various leader-board competitions.



Iceburglar is a puzzle game for the mobile platform. The player controls a penguin on an iceberg trying to steal the fish from atop floating icebergs. Navigate the iceberg and use the ice blocks to stop you from sliding off the edge. Try to collect all 3 fish in a series of puzzling levels. Iceburglar was created in Unity Pro 5 game engine and developed at Skyburst Studios and Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.


Totem is a capstone project at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. It is a first person arena shooter where players battle as powerful shaman and use elemental abilities to destroy their enemies' totem. Players compete in a 3v3 setting and fight in an ever changing arena where players create, destroy, and navigate the landscape in real time. Totem is currently in development, utilizing the Unreal Engine with a team of 14 developers.

Mixology Master

Mixology Master is a prototype bartender training game for mobile devices. Created during the Game Lab course at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, the game is designed to create a fun experience of the often tedious process of memorizing how to mix drinks. Learn recipes and train in practice mode, or try career mode test your new drink-serving skills against digital patrons. Mixology Master was made in the Unity Pro 5 game engine.

Golem Gate


Golem Gate is a tabletop game side project of mine. In the game, you collect elemental resources in order to construct Golem creatures through magic or engineering. Strategically move across the game board and manage your resources to create the most powerful army and defeat your opponents.

Absurd Anteater

Absurd Anteater is a prototype mobile game developed at FIEA. In this game, you control the anteater's tongue using touch controls and enter a series of anthills, collecting ants for points. Spend points for wacky upgrades and try to get the highest score possible. Absurd Anteater was made in Unity Pro 4 game engine.


Fragile is a prototype capture-the-flag game for PC. Anything goes in this silly factory-themed arena where you try to capture the opponent's "golden" packing peanut. Open up boxes for upgrades including bubble wrap shields, spring-jump boxes, and boxing gloves. Use conveyor belts to get around, but watch out for the deadly compactors. Fragile was developed in the Unity Pro 4 engine.

La Flor

La Flor is a story based puzzle-platformer prototype game developed in Unity 4. In the game you play as a cactus creature who stumbles upon a mysterious pink flower that leads him on a journey through an arid and treacherous desert. Roll around in tumbleweeds, collect precious water droplets, and avoid hazards in this humble adventure game developed at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.

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