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A penguin-themed puzzle game for mobile.
Unity 5
Team Size:
Development Time:
(August 2015 - December 2015)
My Role:
Creative Director /
Lead Designer

Iceburglar is a puzzle game for mobile devices. You play as a penguin trying to steal the fish left on top of icebergs floating at sea. Players can collect fish in each level by navigating around the iceberg in different puzzle formations. The penguin slides in the direction of choice until hitting an iceblock. Slide off the iceberg to end the level and gain rewards based on how many fish you collected.

What I did:

- Led the vision and creative process in all aspects of the game

- Designed the game mechanics and led iterations based off playtesting and player feedback

- Built a series of 100+ puzzle levels using paper prototyping and the Unity 5 game engine

- Engineered the user experience and monetization model

- Mocked-up menu flows, game screens, and created proxy art using Adobe Photoshop

- Created and managed design documentation in Confluence

- Led brainstorming sessions and meetings pertaining to design

- Edited and implemented sound effects

- Designed the game, levels, and art assets for the original prototype

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