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Dungeon Boss

A Hero Collector RPG for Mobile by Boss Fight Entertainment.
Boss Fight Entertainment
Team Size:
Varying from 10-25
Development Time:
5+ years (including Live)
My Role:
Time on Project:
2+ years

Dungeon Boss is a FTP mobile, turn based strategy, hero collector RPG developed by Boss Fight Entertainment.

Key Features:

- 80+ Heroes with special abilities

- PvE Campaign with hundreds of unique dungeons

- Asynchronous turn-based PvP with weekly tournaments

- Guilds, guild tournaments, and guild Boss Battle competitions

- Varying Hero progression systems like Epic gear and Runes

What I did:

- Designed, implemented, or reworked most major systems and features in the game, up to March 2019  (including heroes, events, epics, runes, and shop offers).

- Designed and implemented some of the game's top-performing events, including Winterfest (Christmas), Fantastic Feats (Thanksgiving), and Haunted Halls (Halloween) (Events include: quests, dungeons, NPCs, leader-boards, and messaging).

- Designed and implemented changes to balance the game economy, including an entire rework of in-game shops, reward systems, and resource drop rates.

- Organized and optimized data to streamline the development process and help new team members learn to create content.

- Managed and organized design documentation and feature specifications.

- Managed a group of players that would provide early feedback on the health of the PvP meta and creation of new heroes.


Company Website

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